When you come to a SHUFFLE Concert, you receive an individually numbered menu filled with musical masterpieces in every possible musical style; from baroque, classical and romantic to jazz, pop and Broadway. If your number is selected, you get to choose what style and piece will be performed next! Every concert is a completely new experience, both for the audience and the SHUFFLE Concert performers.

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1. If your number is randomly chosen, please select one piece from any of the different styles.

2. If you can’t make up your mind—we will be happy to help you!

3. Styles may not be repeated during a performance.

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1. A SHUFFLE Concert: 85 minutes of audience selections.

2. Half and Half: first half is programmed in advance and second half is a SHUFFLE.

3. Masterpiece SHUFFLE: audience chooses from a menu of complete works.

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What are SHUFFLE's goals? What are some future projects we are working on? How can you get involved? Click here to find the answers and get your SHUFFLE Thank You Package!

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The ensemble offers a special Three-Day Residency for Universities and Colleges which include: live performances, reading of students’ compositions, private lessons, masterclasses, Q and A sessions with students and “Building an Ensemble” workshop. See attached link for more information.


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The ensemble offers an extensive list of outreach activities and performances for your community. See the link for more information.

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